A Study on Recent Laws in Contesting Cyber Crimes in India


  • Rajesh Rajaan
  • Haritima Dadhich


Cyber law, Cybercrime


In this modern era everyone is moving in direction the field of
digitization and modernization which is helpful in many fields like ecommerce and many more. But it is also creating offenses which are
referred as cybercrimes. There are several ways to stop cybercrimes
and to do that there should be consciousness on the various laws
relating to cybercrimes. The some of the acts like IT ACT 2000,
National Cyber Security Policy etc. are framed as a measure to
protect from these crimes. Though the tenure cybercrime didn’t
have any origin in law but there are numerous laws which avert
cyber pornography and various other cybercrimes. This paper mainly
focuses on various laws which are helpful in preventing respective
cybercrimes in India and several aspects where enforcement with
cyber laws lacks

Author Biographies

Rajesh Rajaan

Assistant Professor, Department of CSE/ IT, Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India

Haritima Dadhich

Student, CSE, Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India


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