A Study on how the use of Internet of Things Technology Can Help in Repelling the Wild Animals which Infiltrate the Farmland and Destroy Crops


  • Aniket K Bait Research Scholars
  • Sunny B Pandey


IoT, Wi-Fi, LED, Infrared


Use of technology has become increasingly common in day to day
lives of almost all the strata of society. There has been a surge in the
demand of Internet of Things (IoT) in many sectors, which has led the
academia and industry to invest time and resources in the research
on how IoT can be used to solve the problems faced by the humans in
any domain. In the domain of agriculture, the application of IoT has led
to precision agriculture, smart farming, crop health monitoring, etc.
This paper proposes the development of Internet of Things application
for crop protection to prevent animal intrusions in the crop field.
The development of an animal repelling and a monitoring system is
considered to prevent potential damages in Agriculture, both from
wild animal attacks and weather conditions

Author Biography

Aniket K Bait, Research Scholars

 MCA, Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development and Research (TIMSCDR)
Mumbai India.


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