A Walking GPS Stick for Visually Disabled Folks-A Review


  • Gawad Kaushik Research Scholars
  • Gadala Ana


Walking-Stick, Visually Disabled, Walking Aid, GPS


A walking-stick for helping a visually disabled user is on condition that.
It consists of an extended covering taking a lever at one finish and a
distal finish conflicting the handle. At the distal finish of the housing a
wheel is fixed. The wheel being equestrian to the housing by a Swivel
base permitting the wheel to Swivel in any way in reply to the user
moving the walking aid. The extent of the covering is selected stated
by the user will well hold the grip of the walking aid however walking
with the wheel which is subsidiary the housing by progressing on the
bottommost. The housing comprises a telephone that is joined to
earpiece and electro-acoustic transducer boundary worn by the user.
The earphone/microphone interface authorizations the user to effort
the mobile phone expedient to procedure and receive telephone calls.
A GPS unit is limited within the housing. The GPS unit comprises a voice
interface that is prepared to obtain a plurality of book of directions as
Voice commands. The voice interface is any systematized to transmit
GPS info, like location, way of travel, speed and directions as Voice
messages. The earpiece and electro-acoustic transducer boundary are
prearranged to couple to the GPS unit stated the user will spread voice
commands to the GPS unit finished the electro- acoustic transducer
and consequently the GPS unit will transmit the Voice messages to the
user finished the earpiece.

Author Biography

Gawad Kaushik, Research Scholars

Affiliated to Mumbai University, Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development and Research, Mumbai,
Maharashtra, India


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