Waste Management System Based on Internet of Things (IoT)


  • Vinay Dilip Patel Research Scholars
  • Girish Shahapurkar


Monitoring, Arduino UNO, Wi-Fi, Ultrasonic Sensor, GPS, Internet of things (IoT), Waste Management


The waste management is one of the primary difficulties that the world
faces notwithstanding of which the circumstance of industrialized
or emerging country. The key subject of waste management is that
garbage bin at civic places gets spread out well in development before
the beginning of the following cleaning procedure in it. To circumvent
all these generous of dangerous scenario and preserve public hygiene
and health this work is on a smartness garbage system. The chief theme
of this effort is to develop a smart intelligent garbage alert system for
a proper garaging management. This paper recommends is a smart
alert system for garbage clearance by signifying an alert signal to the
municipal web server for instantaneous housework of dustbin with good
verification grounded on the level of garbage filling. This procedure
is assisted by the ultrasonic sensor which is interfaced with Arduino
UNO to checkered the equal of garbage occupied in the dustbin and
sends the alert to all the portion of municipal web server as soon as if
compost is occupied. After housework the dustbin, the driver settles
the task of discharging the garbage with the assistance of RFID Tag.
RFID is a calculating skill that is used for verification procedure and in
adding, it also improves the smart garbage in which the alert system
by as long as automatic identification of garbage occupied in and there
are numerous other kind of additional waste dustbin and leads the
position of all country clean-up to the server confirming that the work
is done correctly or not.

Author Biographies

Vinay Dilip Patel, Research Scholars

MCA, Thakur Institute of
Management Studies, Career Development &
Research (TIMSCDR) Mumbai, India

Girish Shahapurkar

MCA, Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development & Research (TIMSCDR) Mumbai,


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