State Oriented Software System Testing for Object Oriented Applications using UML Diagrams


  • Deepak Nagar Assistant Professor, IIMT College of Management, Plot No A 20 Knowledge Park 3 Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
  • Jitendra Kumar


SCOTEM, M(Message), Ob(Object)


Object-oriented software depends upon the successful integration of classes and object. When the classes are integrated to each other, there could be chance to arise several faults. The method in the area of research is SCOTEM (State Collaboration Test Model), based on UML collaboration and State chart diagrams. This is a state-based approach which generates the various test path based on the coverage criteria Selected and hence includes all the objects states in collaboration.

In this paper the analysis of SCOTEM model is done for a case study using a prototype tool developed in C language. Various Mutants are analyzed by using this prototype tool. The results show that the related technique effectively detects all the seeded faults when complying with the most demanding adequacy criterion and still achieves reasonably good results for less expensive adequacy criteria.


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