Security Protocols for Internet of Things (IoT)-A Survey


  • Sandeep Kaur Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, St. Soldier College Hadiabad, Phagwara.
  • Shifali Katoch Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, DAV University, Jalandhar


IoT, IoT Security, Security Protocols


In the next upcoming scenario, Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to have a great rise in coming future years with a mixture blend of various technologies together such as nanotechnology, cognitive computing, wireless technology, big data and cloud computing. With this blend of combination, the wide use of IoT leading to Internet of Nano Things (IoNT) will leave last longing impressions in the life of human beings and change the science technology completely. This paper presents an approach to study various IoT security protocols that are currently available for use.


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