The Studies on Noise Level Variations in Hyderabad City

  • Raja Sekhar Mamillapalli Assistant Professor, NICMAR, Hyderabad,
  • Srihari Vedartham Professor, NICMAR, Hyderabad
Keywords: Noise Pollution, Hyderabad Noise, Android application (sound meter), Sound level meter


The Noise Pollution recognized as environmental problem as its impact both on community and environment is rapidly growing. The main source of Noise pollution in Hyderabad is Automobiles and Loudspeakers. The main objective of our study is to report about the existing noise environment in Hyderabad. We conducted study with in a time gap of six months for the same location and the impact of noise pollution with respect to the time is analyzed and is observed that the noise level has increased. The major adverse impact of noise includes interference with communication and disturb in sleep. The noise level must be reduced for better Health. Public education appears to be the most effective tool to control noise pollution. However Government and Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) can also play a significant role in the process.


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