Factors Affecting Performance and Time Extension of ongoing Construction Projects under Town Development Fund, Nepal

  • Anjay Kumar Mishra Visiting Faculty and Management Consultant. Shanker Dev Campus, TU, Nepal.
  • Sundar Bhandari Engineer, Town development fund, Government of Nepal
  • Tulika Jha Advocate, Dejure Law Firm, Anamlagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Keywords: Factors, Extension of Time, Effects, Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau


Problems related to performances of the construction projects appear through different directions. Most of the projects fail either in time performance or in cost performance or both. So, the factors assessment in contemporary condition is most. This research was designed to conduct study of ten numbers of underconstruction projects funded by German government-owned development bank, KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) via TDF. Questionnaire surveys were conducted and examination of records from concerned representatives of the client, consultants and contractors within the research area has been carried out. The factors affecting the overall project performance were ranked using ‘five-point’ scale ranged from 1 (not important) to 5 (extremely important) and transformed to Relative Importance Index (RII). All projects under study have been granted extension of time based on the Public Procurement Act (PPA) 2063 and Public Procurement Regulation (PPR) 2064.This study shows material related factors as the most important factors among 8 numbers of groups for time overrun in projects. The potential effect of the time overrun in project is cost overrun followed by arbitration, Litigation, Dispute arousal and Total abandonment. The major factors that affect the performance of the project according to the ranking based on RII value for the perceived view of the client, consultants and the contractors on factors affecting the performance are Design related issues, shortage of materials, Quality related issues, slow decision making, construction methodology, labour supply, payment related issues, site management ,discrepancies in contract documents, flaws in organisational structure, interfaces, productivity, change orders, unforeseen site condition, weather conditions and regulatory changes that affect the overall project performance. The major factors identified needs to be addressed to minimize the project time overrun and hence its effects on the Project.

Author Biography

Anjay Kumar Mishra, Visiting Faculty and Management Consultant. Shanker Dev Campus, TU, Nepal.





To obtain a position that will allow me to utilize my human, technical and conceptual skills and willingness to learn to impact students and improve the college experience in making an organization successful.



Working as Visiting Faculty of Management Science at TU & PU                                                                                                                             March 2018-Present

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Production and Operation Management at Shanker Dev Campus for MBS

Quantitative Techniques, Construction Project Management and Economics at Lumbini Engineering College for M.Sc Construction Management

Engineering Ethics, Contract Management and Safety Management at United Technical Engineering College for M.Sc Construction Management

Operation Management, DAM and Research Methodology at Apex and Uniglobe College of Management

Engineering Economics at Himalayan College of Engineering

Project Management and Contract Management at Lumbini International Academy of Science and Technology for M.Sc Construction Engineering and Management 

Working as Management Consultant for Government of Nepal                                                                                                                                 March 2018-Present

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Prepare Construction Safety Plan for Development Projects

Practice Value Engineering and Contract Management for Development Projects

Worked as   Programme Coordinator & Assistant Professor for M.Sc Construction Management at Nepal Engineering College ,Center for Postgraduate Studies                                                           August 2013-March 2018

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Lecture on Operation Research, Economics, Ethics and Contract Management, Quality and Research Methodology to respective M.Sc programme   students

Supporting M.Sc students on their thesis work

Supervising & Co supervising relevant thesis of M.Sc

Oversee the entire construction management program from college to university

Research new curriculum and implement new concepts and ideas into classroom

Train new teachers in classroom conduct and requirements

Create course requirements for students to follow

Develop examinations and writing assignment to monitor students

Relate theoretical concepts to current applications and situations to help students develop an appreciation for subject to overcome their real professional issues

Collaborate with other university and agency to acquire research projects for the reputation of college

Oversee college placement for the program






Worked as Customer care Executive at Mumbai International Airport Ltd.

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Assist the passenger through entrance to board.

 Information to the airlines through communication system.

Co-ordination among security, immigration,meteorological, medical emergency and safety.

Maintenance of Log book.

Reporting to chief terminal operator.




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September ,2007

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above 75%

Diploma in Inflight Management

Avalon Aviation Academy,Mumbai



Diploma in First Aid

St.John International Ambulance Association,Mumbai




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Master of Business Administration(MBA) in Production and Operation Management

University of Allahabad,U.P, India



Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

University of Allahabad,U.P, India



Graduate Diploma in Business Administration(GDBA)

National Institute of Management,Mumbai (Distance Education )




Higher Secondary Board,Nepal




School Leaving Certificate(SLC)

His Majesty Government, Nepal

Sarsawati H. S. School, Pipra-Bholohiya










Effect of fear in Production

Psychological Study of Customer

Customer Service

Cultural communication




Supply Chain (Product & information flows in supply chains)

Inventory & Transportations strategies (Freight transportations distribution channel)

Modes of transportation

Foreign Trade Documentation

Legal & Ethical Boarder management




Workshop on Ethical Customer Handling, Group Discussion, Negotiation Skills

Resolutions of problems etc during MBA study.


Workshop for Curriculum Development of Master's Program under Pokhara University.


Workshop on Research Methodology at Shanker Dev Campus through UGC.





  Efficient in research topic selection, proposalwriting, literature review, data analysis and interpretation on multidisciplinary subject to explore real problems for action research and continuous improvement for fundamental research.   Successfully taught diverse group of students. Skilled in evaluating needs and developing students focused teaching strategies, teaching aids, materials and lesson plans. Proficient in involving, motivating and reading students to achieve classroom goals. Sharing of knowledge in a “fun “manner with suitable example.




  • Working on SPSS.
  • Well Versed with MS Office.
  • Well versed with the Internet Applications.




  • Date of Birth :           21st August, 1987                   


  • Height :           175 cm


  • Weight :           72 kg


  • Vision :           Normal


  • Complexion :           Wheatish


  • Languages known : :           English, Hindi And Nepali


  • Marital Status :           Married





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  • Life Member of Management Association of Nepal with Membership Number 2444


  • As an Editor for Nolegein - Journal of Operations Research & Management

at http://www.mbajournals.in/journals/JoORM/Journal-Of-Operation-and-Production-Management.html



  • An Active Review Member of Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research with id 113172 available at jetir.org




  • Review Member of IJCRT Review Committee at ijcrt.org




  • As a liaison member for Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)



  • As a Master Thesis supervisor at nec CPS by directly supervising more than 60 M.Sc thesis.


  • Researchgate at profile ; https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Anjay_Mishra



Professional Association as Visiting Faculty :

  • Working as Visiting Faculty at Lumbini Academy of Science and Technology, Himalayan Engineering College for Operation Management,United Technical College for sustainability management, General Management, Economics and Research Methodology.



Interested Subject: Management Science




Worked as Editor for first edition of Research Highlights 2015 ISBN-2-93499


Assessment of Ethical Behavior among Professional at Procurement and After Tendering Stage of Nepalese Construction Industry Published in internal journal of scientific and technology research ISBN2277-8616 Volume 5, issue 11, November 2016



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Date: 06, June, 2018





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