Strength Development in Silty Sandy Soil Stabilized with Rbi Grade 81

  • Syed Mohd Arif Faculty - Civil Engineering Department, CGC Technical Campus, Mohali, Punjab (India).
Keywords: RBI Grade 81, subgrade, stabilization, CBR value


In the present examination, an endeavor is made to enhance the engineering properties of the silty sandy soil accessible in north India. Locally accessible silty sandy soil does not have sufficient desired quality and so it must be stabilized out in order to make it usable. Soil can be stabilized with RBI grade 81 and afterward can be utilized in sub grade and also as Sub base and base layers of pavement. Samples were prepared by taking soil with 0% RBI Grade-81 content; 4% RBI Grade-81 content; 8% RBI Grade-81 content; 12% RBI Grade-81 content. The CBR sample is prepared by 7 days curing and 4 days soaked period. The correlation of the quality outcomes with or without RBI Grade 81 has been done. The laboratory investigations denote that RBI Grade 81 is a unique and innovative material which brings about sparing the additional expense of the pavement thus the entire pavement can be built by utilizing RBI level 81 in this manner decreasing vitality devoured and placing of unbound granular material (WBM/WMM) without compromising on strength and durability with silty sandy soil


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