Bidding Trends of Contracts Based on Types and Sizes of Projects under Road Divisions Butwal and Shivapur


  • Megh Bahadur KC Research Scholar, Pokhara University, Nepal & Engineer, Department of Roads, Government of Nepal.
  • Anjay Kumar Mishra Associate Professor, School of Engineering, Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal & Pokhara University, Nepal.


Bidding Trend, Low Bidding, Competitive Bidding, Average Bidding, Best Value method


The Purpose of the research is to analyze the existing bidding trends & relation between number of bidders, estimated amount with three types and three sizes of projects at Road Division Butwal and Shivapur. Bidding data of four consecutive fiscal years starting from 072/73 of two Road Divisions were analyzed. Low bidding trend was identified in overall using average percentage below as threshold and analysis was also done using average number of bidders for competitive bids. Research revealed that 34.58, 19.81 & 29.53 % below engineer’s estimate in Butwal and 25.71, 26.67 & 23.50 % below were found in Shivapur Division respectively for general road works, structural works & maintenance works and also the threshold for low bids. Similarly, average number of bidders only 40%, 36% bids was found as competitive bids, whereas 60% & 53.44% bids were low bids respectively in Butwal and Shivapur Divisions.Likewise 24.17, 34.77 & 31 % below and 25.15, 24.72, 27.5% below were found for Size 1, Size 2, Size 3 of Butwal & Shivapur respectively. Maximum number of contracts was found at 20-35% below for both divisions. Significant effect of number of bidder is seen in low bidding. Improvement in existing bid awarding system with extra qualification criteria should be focused by assigning weight in monitory term, asking method of statement and assurancefor project performances of project before implementation. This research would be useful for those who are involving in policy making and governing agencies like Public Procurement Monitoring Office and for making necessary amendment in existing rules.

How to cite this article: Bahadur KCM, Mishra AK. Bidding Trends of Contracts based on Types and Sizes of Projects under Road Divisions Butwal and Shivapur. J Adv Res Const Urban Arch 2019; 4(3&4): 7-16.



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