A Review on Voice Assistant


  • Pulkit Bhardwaj Student, Department of Computer Science Engineering, Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan India.


Google Assistant, Deep Neural Networks (DNN), Prometheus Interactive, Novel Deep Learning Architectures


In the modern Era of fast moving expertise we can do belongings which we never thought we could do before but, to achieve and accomplish
these thoughts there is a need for a plat form which can mechanize all our tasks with ease and comfort. Thus we humans developed applications like Personal Voice Assistant having the ability to inter act with the surroundings just by one of the materialistic form of human inter actioni.e. HUMANVOICE. The famous application usedin android phone is“Google Assistant”, “Google Voice Search” which is developed by the Google. There are some other presentations like Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa is also used as a voice assistant .The voice application used in iPhone is“SIRI” which helps the end user to communicate end-user mobile with voice and it also responds to the voice commands of the user. We are going to progress voice assistant. It can change the way of inter actions amid end user and the system. The Application is being calculated in such a way that all the services on condition that by the system are accessible by the end user on the user’s voice commands.



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