Ansible Framework for Various Platforms


  • Kapil Kokcha B.Tech Scholar,Department of CSE/IT Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India.


Ansible, Industry 4.0, Application development, Security


With the growing technology in the Industrial period of 4.0 we also have to grow and work fast. With or without the presence of human
efforts we have to set up various labs and platforms without any delay. The high demand of cloud computing have increased the no of
end users exponentially and those users have to be managed with or without an organization. The same is the case with web-applications
and mobile applications development and deployment where daily the taste of end user may change and we have to serve the user with
keeping in mind about all the demands and possibility in the short time period. The idea is to setup all the required components and to build a
comfortable working environment for manual and automation work.[1] We can either setup each and every thing individually or we can work
towards a single goal i.e to fulfil the users need and requirements. All this can be achieved by majorly two ways, either we work on various
platforms to perform similar objective or we work on objective and our goal and let Ansible do the rest of the work. All this with the secure
and protected environment of ansible.



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