IoT Based Epilepsy Monitoring and Detection


  • Rajendra Kulkarni Department of Electronics Communication Engineering, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Bidar, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh India


Cardiovascular, Adapter, Temperature Sensor


In recent days numerous individuals have experienced the ill effects of medical issues like heart related, cardiovascular, malignancy and
various illnesses. Epilepsy is like a complex network disease, those who have seizures, which are controlled, and those who struggle daily.
Many epilepsy patients cannot call for help during a seizure, because of the unconscious so it can lead to injuries, medical Complications
and loses memory during the seizure attack. The seizures happen because of electrical activity in the brain, causing a sudden change
in behavior at times seizures appear to be unique and on what part of the cerebrum they influence. This paper proposes a methodology
for epilepsy individual which uses sensor to evaluate the parameters of the patients like temperature, fall of the patient, shaken of the
hand and sound of the patient. The patient’s status can be seen on PC through IoT so that the specialist/attendants can occasionally screen
the patient’s epilepsy.


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