Motion Tracking Pen


  • Chahak Tyagi Student, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida.


Arduino, Machine Learning, PyGARL, Python, MPU 6050


This paper aims at creating a working prototype for a Smart Pen that can be used for storing handwritten text and display it on your computer
screens. We have provided it in English language, but it is not language specific, you can customize it and train it according to your ease.
Using Machine Learning algorithms and arduino, the stores movement is analyzed and matched with the best suited trained model to give
the desired result. The movement will be recorded and stored. With Python, the movement also can be displayed on your device’s screen.
With a small and convenient button, the recording function can start and finish very flexibly. Users also can attach our device on other things to
track their movements, too. Therefore, our device provides a workable solution for handwriting tracking, movement tracking etc.



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