Design of Microcontroller based Adjustable Arm for Robotic Picking and Placing Operation


  • Suraj J Student, Department of information technology, Thiagarajar College, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India


Embedded System, Microcontroller, Robotic Arm


PC based remote control car using hyper-terminal deals with the 8051 microcontroller programming, DC motors of 500 R.P.M. & 60 R.P.M. The base of the circuit also deals with the robot arm. The main aim of the arm deals with the DC motor. The main function of the arm is that it picks up the obstacle coming near robot and place side to it. In another way the arm acts as the obstacle removal coming to the path of robot. Its main application can be compared with JCB Crane which is used for the construction sites .The main requirement is the rough surface for the wheels and the some 10 to 100 grams of obstacle to show the demonstration. This application can also be used for the picking up of the household works like picking up the small application. The maximum weight that the robotic arm can pick up is 100 gram.

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Suraj J. Design of Micro Controller based Adjustable Arm for Robotic Picking and Placing Operation. J Adv Res Intel Sys Robot 2019; 1(1):6-12.