Semi-Automatic Pesticide Sprayer


  • Ankit Rathi Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur


semi-automatic Pesticide spray, Arduino UNO, robotics programming


The current thought manages the planning and manufacturing a pesticide sprayer which will be helpful and moderate to the farmer which will help to expand the profitability of harvests. As India is agribusiness-based nation and 70% individuals do cultivating and related work. Agribusiness is needed to be blast to upgrade the GDP of the nation by improving the profitability. The efficiency of the harvests can be expanded with the assistance of nuisance control. Pesticide splashing is the essential strategy in development of the yields. This cycle is exceptionally tedious and relentless. Through this task an endeavor has been done to improve the strategy for splashing the pesticide that will upgrade the efficiency and increment the farmer’s income.
The overall spraying method utilizes hand worked knapsack sprayer where steady siphoning is needed to work it which is relentless and tedious. Also, less territory is covered while showering and subsequently additional time is needed to splash the whole land. Additionally, solid and back agony issue emerges due to containing 10-20 liters tank on the back. For alleviating these problems during pesticide spraying and achieving the timeliness operation an attempt was made to develop semi-automated pesticide sprayer. In this paper the focus will be on understanding the electronics behind the semi automation of pesticide spray with working and programming of Arduino board and relay circuits in integration with sensors and valves.

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Rathi A, Gupta M, Goel A. Semi Automatic
Pesticide Sprayer. J Adv Res Intel Sys Robot 2019;
1(1): 17-21.