A Study on Water Pollution and Health Hazard


  • Vikas Kumar Mar Ivanios College, Thiruvananthapuram.


Pollution, Hazard, Contamination, Disease, Pathogens


Water pollution and health hazard is a matter of concern all over the world. Rapid and unplanned urbanization has given way to big urban centers which produces huge quantity of solid and liquid waste daily which is simply being dumped in open space or water bodies contaminating rivers and other water bodies. The present study explores the current status of water pollution and its impact on health of the people of Patna, the capital of Bihar. There is potential hazard of contamination of ground water through the leaching of solid waste through the sub-soil into the ground water. The underground water is also being polluted due to seepage through underground drains in urban areas. Human littering in rivers and other water bodies and enormous use of synthetic organic substances in household is the major source of water pollution in Patna. The present paper intends to identify the cause and extent of water pollution in Patna. It further explores the nature and dimensions of water pollution induced health hazard and focus on the ways and means to control the same. It is an empirical study based n primary and secondary data.

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