An Empirical Study on Digital Wallet Preference among Students with Special reference to Gwalior City


  • Mohini Kardam


Digital wallet, Students, E-payments, Awareness and Adoption


The rapidly advancing technology of today has led to the development of various helpful and trustworthy devices, such as digital wallets, which are intended to make people’s lives easier. There are a several names for the digital wallet, including e-wallet and electronic wallet. The majority of transactions made with these digital wallets take place online. We may avoid carrying cash by storing it in a digital wallet and transferring it, as well as making payments with it, by utilising a QR code, a contact number, or our bank account number. This research is carried out among students in Gwalior by gathering data via the use of a questionnaire from a sample size of one hundred students. Undergraduate students, graduate students and students working toward their doctoral degrees are all represented in this research. The purpose of this research is to determine the level of student awareness and adoption of digital wallets in the city of Gwalior. The findings are analysed using SPSS Software and a conclusion is formed indicating that the majority of the students are open to adopting digital wallets since rapid payment is an advantage. In comparison to postgraduate students, students still in their undergraduate studies know far less about digital wallets. Later on, it is proposed that it is vital to promote awareness among students about numerous applications that may be used as digital wallets, particularly for undergraduate students.


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