Automation of Smart Garbage Management System using Iot to Support Swachh Bharat Abhiyan-A Practical Approach



Internet of Things (IOT), Intelligent Services, GSM Module


The Internet of Things (IOT) is a concept in which surrounding
objects are connected through wired and wireless networks without
user intervention. In the field of IOT, the objects communicate and
exchange information to provide advanced intelligent services for
users. There exist many applications of IoT enabled system. One of the
main concerns with our environment has been solid waste management
which in addition to disturbing the balance of the environment also has
adverse effects on the health of the society. The detection, monitoring
and management of wastes are one of the primary problems of the
present era. The traditional way of manually monitoring the wastes in
waste bins is a complex, cumbersome process and utilizes more human
effort, time and cost which is not compatible with the present-day
technologies in any way. This work proposes a practical approach in
which waste management is automated. IoT based Garbage Monitoring
is a very innovative system which uses IoT along with ultrasonic sensor
and GSM module to detect the level of garbage collected in the garbage
bins and automatically sends sms to the concerned so that it can be
collected at the earliest. Use of this system will lead to a clean the
environment and keep the cities clean.

How to cite this article:
Dayanand J, Someshwar, Veeresh et al. Automation
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to Support Swachh Bharat Abhiyan-A Practical
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