Future Prospects and Challenges of E-Commerce in Rural Market of India


  • Siddhi Maurya Magadh University, Bihar, India.


E-Commerce, Indian Rural Area, Poverty Reduction


E-commerce is giving traditional forms of business and trade a run for their money in today’s technologically advanced world. Because of the rapid development of technology, the globe has shrunk to the size of a town. E-commerce has already reached the vast majority of customers in the urban sector, but the difficulty now facing companies is to expand their customer base into the rural sector as well. The rural population of India is forced to travel to faraway regions or to cities in close proximity in order to obtain luxury goods. In this regard, e-commerce may be of assistance to them by expanding the scope of their activities. The bulk of the population lives in rural areas, making it a difficult task to establish and deliver e-commerce services to them. The purpose of this study is to investigate the potential for e-commerce to play a role in the promotion of sustainable and equitable development in rural areas. We have a discussion on the many ways in which the rural areas may stand to gain from the use of e-commerce technology. The increasing population of mobile and internet users, the digital gap between rural and urban populations, the difficulties associated with distributing the service of e-commerce in rural areas and the possibilities for the future are discussed. Although there are a lot of obstacles to overcome, newly established community e-centers have shown to have a promising potential in terms of their ability to provide e-ecommerce services to rural areas. In addition, there is a need for population financing for the construction and development of rural infrastructure in order to sustain rural communities that have a low per capita income. This study might be beneficial for policy makers in implementing the proper development plan for the purpose of alleviating poverty and improving living standards in rural areas.


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