Heat Transfer of Al2O3 – Si Nanofluid in a Heat Exchanger


  • Busi Ashok Kumar Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, St. Martin’s Engineering College, Hyderabad, India.


nanofluid, nanoparticles, Nusselt number, nanometre


The research in this paper deals with enhancing the heat transfer coefficient and Nusselt number of a nanofluid containing nanoparticles (AL2O3 and Si) with a particle size of 25 nm and a volume fraction of 0.15 percent to 0.25 percent (V/V). It is investigated whether changes in Nusselt number and heat transfer coefficient are dependent on temperature and concentration of nanoparticles in a double pipe heat exchanger, in which the flow goes in both directions through counter-current tubes. An acceptable degree of agreement was found in comparison between experimental data and theoretical data, which were obtained by employing semiempirical equations. Results show that the heat transfer coefficient and Nusselt number can both be increased up to 25% -in that case, an increase of 21% to 25% is observed. This is in addition to what has been observed, which is that the heat transfer coefficient increases with the operating temperature and nanoparticle concentration.

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Kumar BA. Heat Transfer of Al2O3 – Si Nanofluid in a Heat Exchanger. J Adv Res NanoSci NanoTech 2021; 3(1): 15-18.


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