Study Desk: A smart and quick way to study with help of Regression


  • Manthan Mirgal Research Scholar


Student, predicting marks, Mathematical regression, Decision tree


Often students require more different guidelines and perspective from more than one teacher for a topic. They also may require important topics to study for an exam just before hand to aim for most marks and to understand topics which are very important from career point of view as well. This research makes a debut on introduction to make students gain knowledge with various teaching style from various teachers and use advanced tools of mathematical regression with Python to predict what are most favored topics for exam from the data collected from previous examinations.

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Mirgal M. Study Desk: A Smart and Quick way to study with help of Regression. J Adv Res Entrep Innov SMES Mgmt 2021; 4(1): 6-9.

Author Biography

Manthan Mirgal, Research Scholar

MCA, Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development & Research (TIMSCDR), Mumbai, India