Appraisal of the Nigerian Reform Agenda on Bureaucracy-Challenges and Obligations


  • Ossia Ethelbert Nduka Department of Management, Faculty of Business Studies, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
  • Ukpong Uwem Johnson Department of Management, Faculty of Management Sciences, Akwa Ibom State University, Nigeria.


Appraisal, Nigerian Reform Agenda, Bureaucracy, Obligations, Nigerianization Commissions


Since the attainment of independence, different Nigerian Administrators or Governments have pursued one type of reform or another, especially in the Federal civil service. Yet it could be said today that the federal civil service is sick and needs more reforms because all other reforms are not either put in place or partially put in place and deliberately frustrated by the actors who are eager to stop at nothing to ensure that the government is brought under their kneels. According to Magbadelo, J.A (2016), the problems that instigated the introduction of a series of reforms in the Federal Civil Service in 1999 consequent upon the inauguration of the democratic government included the erosion of the public service ethics, ageing workforce, poor succession planning, inappropriate organisational structures, unproductive work operations, lack of competent leadership, nepotism, tribalism etc. However, these problems are still prevalent today and even in a more dangerous dimension. The responsibility lies with the people today to either make the government improve on the civil or let the civil service stop to exist. Bureaucrats should be appointed into key positions of the civil service and not politicians who are there to create the “conduit pipes” because of greed, and all other negative vices. The time is now if we actually want the civil service to survive like other developed nations of the world.

How to cite this article: Nduka OE, Johnson UU. Appraisal of the Nigerian Reform Agenda on Bureaucracy-Challenges and Obligations. J Adv Res Pub Poli Admn 2019; 1(2): 1-5.


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