Public Policies Corresponding to Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreak: Flight or Fright?


  • Sim Saitin Shantou Medical Center, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Virog Wiwanitkit Honorary professor, Dr DY Patil University, Pune, India; Visiting Professor, Hainan Medical University, China.


Public, Policies, Emerging, Infectious Disease


Globalization and liberalization have changed the educational landscape in many nations, including Jamaica. Many of the tertiary institutions in the developing nations have to compete alongside those from highly efficient ones in the developed world. A descriptive research design was used to conduct this research. The descriptive research design allows the researcher to use the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS for Windows Version 24.0) and conduct descriptive statistics – percentages, frequencies, graphs, mean, standard deviation, confidence intervals, and principal component method in factor analysis. A two-tailed test of significance will be used to determine the level of significance at a 95% degree of confidence (or ? = 0.05 or 5%). Stratified probability sampling was used randomly stratifying the student population (Kish, 1956). A sample of 351 freshmen was surveyed, with a margin of error of ±3%. Of the sampled respondents (n=351), there were 3.4 females to every 1 male (i.e., n=270, 76.9%), with 0.6% of the freshmen indicating that they ‘prefer not to say’ their gender. On the motivation scale, the most important variable in the index was humanitarianism followed by proving worth. This can only be done by way of rebranding its image, improving academic reputation, divesting into new and innovative programmes, supplying and meeting the needs of its clients, and creating an atmosphere of excellence in all areas of operation

How to cite this article: Saitin S, Wiwanitkit V. Public Policies Corresponding to Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreak: Flight or Fright? J Adv Res Pub Poli Admn 2019; 1(2): 41-42.


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