About the Journal

Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Technology & Software Applications is devoted to the publication of original scientific research findings, methodological developments, and opinions in the form of original and review articles, brief reports, letters to the editor, proceedings of symposia, debates, etc. 

The Journal mainly focuses on the allied areas:-

 Fundamentals of cloud computing, Innovative Cloud Applications and Experiences, Mobile computing, Green Cloud Computing, High Performance Cloud Computing, Services science foundations for cloud computing, Storage, Data and Analytics Clouds, Cloud computing enabling technology, Cloud computing platforms and applications, Cloud Computing Architectures, Cloud Configuration, Performance, and Capacity Management, Cloud Quality Management and Service Level Agreement, Cloud Resource Virtualization and Composition, Cloud Migration, Cloud DevOps, Cloud Programming Models and Paradigms, Cloud Software Patch and License Management, Cloud Provisioning Orchestration, Cloud Composition, Federation, Bridging, and Bursting, Cloud Workload Profiling and Deployment Control, Autonomic Business Process and Workflow Management in Clouds, Security, Privacy, and Compliance Management for Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds and more.

Instructions to the authors                      

The articles should be sent under following heads:-
Original Articles. Should not exceed 2500 words.
Review Articles. These will include reviews on recent advances and reviews for students. 
Case Reports. Should not exceed 1500 words with not more than 15 references.
Brief Communications. Should not exceed 1000 words with not more than 10 references.
Interesting Cases. Should not be more than 500 words with not more than 05 references.
Perspective & opinions. Should not exceed 1000 words with not more than 10 references
Hypothesis. Should not exceed 1000 words.

Manuscript Preparation 
All the submitted manuscripts will undergo Plagiarism check with the available software. The manuscript should be prepared in English language under following headings:-

Title Page. Should contain concise title of the article, Name, Designation of the author, Name of Department and Institution, Contact Number, Key words and brief abstract not exceeding  250 words.


Materials and Methods


Discussion and conclusion

References in Vancouver style.

Tables should be in Roman Number with a brief heading.

Figures should be in numerical with proper brief description.

Certificate of Ethical Clearance from the Institute.

Certificate of conflict of interest.

Copy right transfer agreement. Authors will be required to sign a transfer of copy right agreement in the format sent by the Journal.

Undertaking by the authors.