Unveiling the Power of Cloud Computing: Storage, Data, and Analytics in the Cloud Era


  • Arpan kumar B.Tech., Motihari College of Engineering, Motihari, Bihar


Cloud Configuration, Infrastructure, Digital Age, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Computing Infrastructure


This article delves into the transformative realm of Cloud Computing, exploring its multifaceted impact on storage, data analytics, enabling technologies, platforms, applications, architectures, and configurations. Cloud computing, with its diverse service models, has redefined the way computing resources are provisioned and utilized. From the evolution of cloud storage services to the paradigm shift in data analytics, the article navigates through key components that characterize the cloud era. Enabling technologies such as virtualization and containerization are examined, providing the foundation for efficient cloud operations. Major cloud service providers and their offerings are outlined, emphasizing the broad spectrum of applications—from enterprise solutions to consumer-oriented services. The discussion extends to cloud computing architectures, delineating the distinctions between public, private, and hybrid clouds. Finally, the importance of effective cloud configuration, including auto-scaling, load balancing, and Infrastructure as Code, is highlighted. As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, this article elucidates the pivotal role of cloud computing in shaping the future of storage, data analytics, and computing infrastructure.


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