About the Journal

Journal of Advanced Research in Construction & Urban Architecture (ISSN: 2456-9925) is a peer reviewed journal. It publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields:

Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering, Structural Analysis and Design, Construction Technology,History and Theories of Architecture, Architectural Design and Theories, Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering, Architecture and Building Materials, Art Design and Urban Architecture,  Urban Sustainability, Urban Ecology, Ecology and Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Economics, Cities and Immigrants, Urban Design and Planning, Small Town/Rural Planning, Planning Policy Analysis, Growth management and sustainable development, Environmental and energy planning, Budgeting and Finance planning, Municipal Engineering, Computers in Architecture, Sustainable Architecture, Ecological Architecture, Advanced Construction Materials, Building Technology Science, Green Building Materials, Traditional Construction Materials, Hydraulic Engineering, Sanitary and Ground Water Engineering, Surveying Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Seismic Engineering, Harbor Engineering, Road and Railway Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Building Structure, Concrete Structures, Carrier Operation Engineering, Computer Simulation and CAD/CAE, Computational Mechanics, Reliability and Durability of Structures, Monitoring and Control of Structures, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Urban Planning and Design