Cloud Security and Privacy – A Cryptographic Approach



Recently, cloud computing emerged as the leading technology for delivering reliable, secure, fault-tolerant, sustainable, and scalable computational services, which are presented as Software, Infrastructure, or Platform as services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS). Moreover, these services may be offered in private data centers (private clouds), may be commercially offered for clients (public clouds) or yet it is possible that both public and private clouds are combined in hybrid clouds. As the user data is stored in some undisclosed location upon which the user does not have any control, it creates the atmosphere of vulnerability of security and privacy of user data. In this paper we have highlighted some of the security and privacy issues in cloud and the role of cryptography in mitigating those issues.

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Bal PK. Cloud Security and Privacy – A Cryptographic Approach. J Engr Desg Anal 2020; 3(2): 98-100.


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