An Overview of Performance Analysis of Vortex Tube for Different Parameters


  • Mahale D Mechanical Engineering, Sandip Polytechnic, Nashik.
  • Daund V Mechanical Engineering, Matoshri College of Engineering & Research Centre, Eklahare, Nashik, Maharashtra, India.


Electrorheology, ER Dampers, Electrorheological Fluid and Zeolite


This paper discusses the effect of various paraments of vortex tube on its performance. The vortex tube performance is depends on inlet air pressure, L/D ratio, as it relates to cold mass fraction, inlet pressure and nozzle number, mass flow rates of cold and hot air, nozzle area of inlet compressed air, cold orifice area and hot end area of the tube, different conical valve angles etc. Different researchers consider different paraments to improve cold mass fraction, COP of vortex tube. The purpose of this paper is to present energy seperation phenomena and paramenters which affecting the performance.

How to cite this article: Mahale D, Daund V. An Overview of Performance Analysis of Vortex Tube for Different Parameters. J Engr Desg Anal 2019; 2(2): 12-15.


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